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Privacy Policy

Names submitted to this site will be used only for the purpose of distributing information about running related events. Demographic information (names, addresses, email, etc) is collected through club membership, race registration forms, on-line registration, and individual requests via mail or email. In short, if you're on our mailing list you either joined the TCTC, registered for a TCTC affiliated race, or sent us a note asking to be added to the list.

TCTC provides an email distribution service, the TCTC Bulletin, that averages about one message per month, but comes out more often during the busy summer months. TCTC members receive a private version of the Bulletin, the TCTC Member Bulletin, which lists events related to TCTC members.

Postal mailing lists are "rented" to organizations wishing to promote running related activities which include seminars, races, or social events. If you suspect that others are using this list please email us at

If you wish to be removed from our email distribution list, send an email to Please include your full name in the note. Many companies and ISPs have changed their email domains and old email addresses continue to forward, often making it difficult for us to look someone up by their current email address.
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