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Area Race Results


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Area Race Results


2017 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Ultimate Runner6/24/20172883111

2016 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Run Domestic Violence Out Of Town 5K9/11/2016421759
Beat The Heat Family 5K (USATF)7/23/2016253661
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/23/2016311259570
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/23/2016332861
Ultimate Runner6/25/20163682118
El Buen Camino Walk6/10/20166540105
El Buen Camino 5K6/10/2016103102205
Clemmons Stride for Courage 5K6/4/2016332356
Rainbow Run 5K5/14/20166641107
Deacon Dash for Down Syndrome 5K4/30/201611276188
Run 5 Feed 54/23/2016165105270
Morning Watch 5K4/16/2016131831
Popsicle 5K2/20/20166658124

2015 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Rainbow Run 5K10/3/2015332760
Salem Lake 7 Mile Trail Race9/26/2015145146291
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/26/2015110157267
PDSSN Buddy 5K9/19/201510772179
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/25/2015342286628
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/25/2015464086
Ultimate Runner6/27/20152492116
Homes for our Heros 5k6/20/20158736123
El Buen Camino 5K6/12/201512089209
Clemmons Stride for Courage 5K6/6/2015252247
Donate Life 5K5/2/2015572885
Fury 5K4/26/2015385189
Run 5 Feed 54/25/201513083213
Davie Young Life 5K3/28/2015343064
St Leos 5K3/20/2015306232538
St Leos 10K3/20/2015132115247
Morning Watch 5K3/14/2015293564
Popsicle 5K2/21/20158750137
Salem Lakeshore Frosty 25K1/3/201594112206
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/3/20156786153
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Relay1/3/2015494291

2014 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/6/20145214851006
Mistletoe 5K12/6/20146874201107
Gateway YWCA Zombie 5K11/1/201418470254
Gateway YWCA 1 Mile Fun Run11/1/2014241943
Gateway YWCA Zumbathon11/1/2014628
Rural Hall 10K10/25/2014483684
Insane Terrain 5K10/18/2014533790
Rainbow Run 5K10/11/2014483785
PDSSN Buddy 5K10/4/201411569184
Salem Lake 7 Mile Trail Race9/27/2014131125256
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/27/2014113158271
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/26/2014171734
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/26/2014366314680
Ultimate Runner6/28/20142882110
Homes for our Heros 5k6/21/201410650156
STARS 5K6/7/2014183250
The Arts Move My Sole 5K5/17/201416399262
Donate Life 5K4/26/201414860208
Lillies Friends 5K4/19/2014261167428
Fury 5K4/12/20143866104
Habitat Hammer 5K4/12/20146846114
El Buen Camino 5K4/5/201411161172
St Leos 5K3/15/2014353263616
St Leos 10K3/15/2014229135364
Popsicle 5K2/15/20147274146
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Relay1/4/201418927
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/4/201474113187
Salem Lakeshore Frosty 25K1/4/2014111103214

2013 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/7/20135524941046
Mistletoe 5K12/7/20139605371497
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K No Dough11/16/2013329226555
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Dough11/16/2013125208333
Sheffield 5K11/2/201313374207
RHABA 10K10/26/20139354147
Insane Terrain 5K10/19/2013472976
Insane Terrain 10K10/19/2013193453
Salem Lake 7 Mile Trail Race9/28/2013128109237
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/28/2013135186321
Run for Liberty9/14/2013223254
Gateway 5K8/17/20137640116
Twin City Field and River Run 5K8/3/2013188185373
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/20/2013407371778
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/20/2013333669
Ultimate Runner6/29/20133588123
Jogging for Jonah 5K5/4/201312288210
Habitat Hammer 5K4/27/201310783190
Donate Life 5K4/20/201311154165
Fury 5K4/20/2013244872
Extra Mile 5K4/13/20137863141
El Buen Camino 5K4/6/201315777234
Lillies Friends 5K3/30/2013322228550
Popsicle 5K2/2/20137861139
Race More for Macemore 5K1/26/20136214861107
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Relay1/5/20139075165
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/5/201379141220
Salem Lakeshore Frosty 25K1/5/20138490174

2012 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Home Run 5K11/17/201210889197
Sheffield 5K10/27/2012544094
RHABA 10K10/20/20125658114
Race to D'Feet Hunger 5K10/13/2012533992
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Dough10/13/201292138230
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K No Dough10/13/2012311155466
Salem Lake 7 Mile Trail Race9/29/2012222181403
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/29/2012139221360
Liberty 5K9/15/2012315081
Twin City Field and River Run 5K8/11/2012179149328
Twin City Field and River Fun Run8/11/201291120
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/21/2012424452876
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/21/2012251338
Ultimate Runner6/30/20123891129
Trail Mix 5K6/2/20125649105
Love Out Loud 5K5/19/20127453127
Law Enforcement 5K4/28/20126148109
Fury 5K4/21/2012344781
Habitat Hammer 5K4/21/20128449133
Lillies Friends 5K3/31/2012280156436
St Leos 5K3/17/2012557397954
St Leos 10K3/17/2012203149352
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/7/201241108149
Salem Lakeshore Frosty 25K1/7/20126361124
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Relay1/7/2012152136

2011 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe 5K12/3/201114767152191
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/3/20116165691185
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Challenger11/12/201165148213
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Casual11/12/2011389231620
Trinity 5K10/29/2011372663
Trinity Fun Run10/29/2011202
Dynamic Quest Mile10/29/2011369
Boos and Brews 5K10/23/2011258143401
Boos and Brews Fun Run10/23/2011161632
RHABA 10K10/22/20116978147
Ardmore 5K10/8/2011219151370
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/24/2011124213337
Salem Lake 7 Mile Trail Race9/24/2011179127306
Race to D'Feet Hunger 5K9/17/2011514293
CrimeStoppers 5K9/10/20117574149
Twin City Field and River Run 5K8/13/2011210219429
Twin City Field and River Fun Run8/13/2011171027
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/16/2011390406796
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/16/2011151227
Ultimate Runner6/25/201127100127
USMC Mud Run Teams6/11/20115785171095
USMC Mud Run 5K6/11/20115675991166
Clemmons Rotary Tanglewood 5K6/11/20119386179
USMC Mud Run Pollywog6/11/2011393877
Law Enforcement 5K5/21/2011405191
Greek Festival 5K5/14/2011119136255
Habitat Hammer 5K4/30/20117552127
Fury 5K4/30/20116281143
Lillies Friends 5K4/23/2011371202573
Get Your Rear in Gear 5K3/26/2011133115248
St Leos Fun Run3/19/20116848116
St Leos 5K3/19/2011267242509
St Leos 10K3/19/2011117104221
Shamrock 5K3/5/2011280195475
Shamrock 10K3/5/20119489183
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/8/201182145227

2010 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/4/20105005671067
Mistletoe GOTR12/4/2010101
Mistletoe 5K12/4/201010954841579
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Casual11/13/2010401244645
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Challenger11/13/201065163228
Mercy 5K11/6/2010504999
Athena 5K10/30/2010368124492
RHABA 10K10/23/20103471105
Ardmore Fun Run10/16/2010332356
Ardmore 5K10/16/2010336209545
Wake the Library 5K10/9/2010139116255
Trinity 5K10/2/20105645101
Mellow Mile10/2/201071320
Trinity Fun Run10/2/20108412
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/25/2010155259414
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/25/2010348245593
CrimeStoppers 5K9/11/2010102107209
Miles for Mikki 5K8/21/2010129100229
Twin City Field and River Run 5K8/14/2010178176354
Twin City Field and River Fun Run8/14/20109817
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/17/2010387383770
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/17/201015924
Ultimate Runner6/26/20102199120
Clemmons Rotary Tanglewood 5K6/19/201092101193
USMC Mud Run Teams6/12/2010233217450
USMC Mud Run 5K6/12/2010254317571
Heart Healthy Hornets 5K6/5/2010118117235
Fury 5K5/22/20106795162
Greek Festival 5K5/15/2010136136272
Young Life 5K5/8/20108671157
Lillies Friends 5K4/3/2010296170466
St Leos 5K3/20/2010328245573
St Leos 10K3/20/20107586161
St Leos Fun Run3/20/2010516
Shamrock 5K3/6/2010143140283
Shamrock 10K3/6/20108884172
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/9/201057119176

2009 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/5/2009476494970
Mistletoe GOTR12/5/2009213
Mistletoe 5K12/5/20098484411289
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Casual11/14/2009329172501
Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Challenger11/14/200945149194
Mercy 5K11/7/20098975164
RHABA 10K10/24/20096761128
Ardmore 5K10/17/2009383233616
Ardmore Fun Run10/17/2009292756
Wake the Library 5K10/10/2009127119246
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/26/2009185277462
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/26/2009305258563
CrimeStoppers 5K9/12/2009274976
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/18/2009292336628
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/18/2009353570
Ultimate Runner6/27/200925101126
TCTC XC Training Camp6/24/200921416
Clemmons Rotary Tanglewood 5K6/20/200910195196
Heart Healthy Hornets 5K6/6/200910787194
Fury 5K5/30/20094467111
Greek Festival 5K5/16/2009150132282
Young Life 5K5/9/20099961160
Reagan High 5K4/25/200973542
Hospice Hope 10K4/25/2009173127300
Heart & Sole 5K4/18/2009249157406
St Leos 5K3/21/2009378272650
TCTC Winter Seminar2/21/2009273461
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/10/200936110146

2008 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/6/2008412440852
Mistletoe 5K12/6/20088334171250
Mercy Five Miler11/1/2008445094
RHABA 10K10/25/2008153449
Ardmore 5K10/18/2008263175438
Ardmore Fun Run10/18/2008312657
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/20/2008153274427
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/20/2008229213442
Brenners Children's Classic 5K9/6/2008278275553
Brenners Children's Fun Run9/6/2008523486
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/19/2008208274482
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/19/2008121527
Ultimate Runner6/28/20082597122
Clemmons Rotary Tanglewood 5K6/21/20087593168
Greek Festival 5K5/17/2008125122247
Fury 5K5/10/20085284136
St Leos 5K4/25/2008175210385
Heart & Sole 5K4/19/200812587212
Heart & Sole Fun Run4/19/2008202
Reagan High 5K4/19/2008342458
Heart & Sole 5K Walk4/19/200815621
Hospice Hope 10K4/12/2008152146298
Hospice Hope Fitness Walk4/12/2008681987
Shamrock 5K Fun Run3/29/2008222143
30th Anniversary Winter Semina3/1/2008243458
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/5/200850130180

2007 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/1/2007333349682
Mistletoe 5K12/1/2007561297858
Out-Run Autism 5K11/17/20076253115
Howard Plouff 5K 5K11/10/2007138195333
Mercy Five Miler11/3/2007404484
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/22/2007205211416
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/22/2007193289482
Brenners Children's Fun Run9/8/20076145106
Brenners Children's Classic 5K9/8/2007240282522
RHABA 10K8/25/2007131932
Hanes Park Classic 5K8/5/2007202343
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/21/2007181259440
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/21/2007323769
The Bear7/12/2007114613727
Ultimate Runner6/30/200719100119
Clemmons Rotary Tanglewood 5K6/23/20075993152
TCTC XC Training Camp6/19/2007192645
Greek Festival 5K5/19/200799123222
Heart & Sole Fun Run4/21/20079918
Heart & Sole 5K4/21/200779106185
Hospice Hope Fitness Walk4/14/2007561672
Hospice Hope 10K4/14/2007159155314
St Leos 5K3/24/2007173233406
Fury 5K3/17/20075878136
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/6/200751103154

2006 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe 5K12/2/2006324224548
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/2/2006247354601
Brenners Children's Fun Run11/18/2006403474
Brenners Children's Classic 5K11/18/2006242260502
Ardmore 5K10/28/20066982151
Mercy Five Miler10/21/2006143347
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/23/2006210332542
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/23/2006197238435
Ultimate Runner7/29/20062496120
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/15/2006109193302
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/15/2006212849
The Bear7/6/2006128664792
Clemmons Rotary Tanglewood 5K6/17/2006244771
PACE 5K6/10/20064852100
Greek Festival 5K5/20/20064779126
Heart & Sole 5K4/22/20068767154
Hospice Hope Fitness Walk4/8/2006441256
Hospice Hope 10K4/8/2006123128251
Fury 5K4/1/20064663109
St Leos 5K3/25/2006167211378
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/7/20063392125

2005 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/3/2005286348634
Mistletoe 5K12/3/2005236225461
Mercy Five Miler11/5/2005324981
Ardmore 5K10/29/2005103129232
Run for Reece 5K10/8/2005111425
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/24/2005175278453
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/24/2005210176386
Brenners Children's Fun Run8/27/2005583997
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/27/2005301407708
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/16/2005144223367
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/16/2005432467
The Bear7/7/2005109569678
Ultimate Runner6/25/20052986115
Clemmons Rotary Tanglewood 5K6/18/2005203151
Run for Justice 5K5/28/2005183250
Hospice Hope 10K4/16/2005159199358
Hospice Hope Fitness Walk4/16/2005361248
St Leos 5K3/19/200563106169
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/8/20052677103

2004 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/4/2004309360669
Mistletoe 5K12/4/2004239220459
Fury 5K11/20/2004345690
Ardmore 5K11/13/2004134129263
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/25/2004222329551
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/25/2004246230476
Fall Start 5K9/18/20046066126
Brenners Children's Fun Run8/28/20048367150
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/28/2004363504867
Rescue Mission 5K7/31/20047099169
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/17/2004146228374
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/17/2004393069
The Bear7/8/2004152456608
Ultimate Runner6/19/20042393116
Hospice Hope Fitness Walk4/17/200414317
Hospice Hope 10K4/17/2004110161271
St Leos 5K3/20/200488145233
Lewisville Loop 12K3/6/200481101182
Rotary Cross Country 8K2/21/2004102232
Everest Survival Run1/17/200470136206
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/10/2004195776

2003 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/6/2003284409693
Mistletoe 5K12/6/2003158160318
Mercy Five Miler11/1/20034288130
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/27/2003177318495
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/27/2003233243476
Camel City Smokin' Mile9/5/200392231
Brenners Children's Fun Run8/23/2003180142322
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/23/2003372502874
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/12/200363132195
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/12/2003111021
The Bear7/10/2003118430548
Ultimate Runner6/28/20032186107
Burchett Breast Cancer Fund 5K6/21/20036473137
Flag Day 5K6/14/20037174145
Hospice Hope Fitness Walk4/12/200313215
Hospice Hope 10K4/12/2003120159279
St Leos 5K3/22/2003113151264
Lewisville Loop Fun Run3/1/2003347
Lewisville Loop 12K3/1/20036591156
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/11/2003196382

2002 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/7/2002199328527
Mistletoe 5K12/7/2002158194352
Ardmore 5K11/9/2002139131270
Mercy Five Miler11/2/20023983122
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/28/2002127255382
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/28/2002160187347
SECCA/ACCES Art & Sole 5K9/7/20025880138
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/24/2002406543949
Brenners Children's Fun Run8/24/2002266196462
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/13/200294170264
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/13/2002233356
Ultimate Runner6/29/20022293115
Burchett Breast Cancer Fund 5K6/22/200290100190
Run for Justice 5K5/25/2002285785
Hospice Hope Fitness Walk4/20/200217724
Hospice Hope 10K4/20/2002155193348
St Leos 5K3/23/2002108159267
Miles for Smiles 8K3/9/20025266118
Lewisville Loop 12K3/2/20025590145
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/5/2002135164

2001 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Reindeer Romp 5K12/8/2001176227403
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/1/2001259321580
Mistletoe 5K12/1/2001216224440
Mercy Five Miler11/3/20014475119
Making Strides 5K10/27/20016713
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/22/2001109221330
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/22/2001171162333
SECCA/ACCES Art & Sole 5K9/8/2001314273
Brenners Children's Challenge8/25/20019291183
Brenners Children's Fun Run8/25/2001299179478
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/25/2001405503908
Brenners Children's Open Mile8/25/2001173047
Red Ribbon Run 5K8/4/200172127199
Red Ribbon Ramble8/4/2001224
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/21/200186168254
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/21/200117926
Ultimate Runner6/30/200118101119
Carolina For A Cure 5K6/9/200172142214
World's Largest Race 5K6/2/20014468112
Run for Justice 5K5/26/20013470104
NC Triad Race For The Cure5/5/2001407242649
NC Triad Walk For The Cure5/5/200126668583524
Hospice Hope 10K4/21/2001131184315
Hospice Hope Fitness Walk4/21/2001505
St Leos 5K3/17/2001111172283
Lewisville Loop 12K3/3/200195128223
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/6/2001156277

2000 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Reindeer Romp 5K12/9/2000175190365
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/2/2000219312531
Mistletoe 5K12/2/2000196217413
Mercy Five Miler10/28/20003566101
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/23/2000142153295
Salem Lake 25K Trail Race9/23/2000120292412
SECCA/ACCES Art & Sole 5K9/9/200064106170
Brenners Children's Fun Run8/26/2000011
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/26/20007648231587
Red Ribbon Run 5K8/5/200078120198
Red Ribbon Ramble8/5/20008614
Beat The Heat Family 1 Mile7/8/2000292857
Beat The Heat Family 5K7/8/2000116207323
Ultimate Runner6/24/20002694120
Carolina For A Cure 5K6/10/200093127220
Carolina For A Cure Walk6/10/200012012
Run for Justice 5K5/27/20003681117
Hospice Hope 10K5/13/2000117203320
NC Triad Race For The Cure4/15/200012546111865
NC Triad Walk For The Cure4/15/200020577382795
St Leos 5K3/18/2000113185298
Lewisville Loop 12K3/4/2000107166273
Salem Lakeshore Frosty Fifty1/8/2000115263

1999 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Reindeer Romp 5K12/11/1999154214368
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/4/1999227361588
Mistletoe 5K12/4/1999181200381
XP Moonlight Run10/16/1999145149294
Clemmons Rotary 10K10/9/1999145165
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/25/1999146299445
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/25/1999134172306
SECCA/ACCES Art & Sole 5K9/11/19994971120
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/28/19995176391156
Hanes Beefy-T Family 5K7/10/1999100211311
Fun Fourth 10K7/3/1999185299484
Ultimate Runner6/26/19991891109
Carolina For A Cure 5K6/19/1999118163281
Run for Justice 5K5/29/1999187290
Hospice Hope 10K5/15/1999103173276
Spring for SCAN 8K4/10/19995076126
St Leos 5K3/20/1999110196306

1998 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Reindeer Romp 5K12/12/199864107171
Mistletoe 5K12/5/1998179194373
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/5/1998187345532
Wachovia 8K11/21/1998156267423
Clemmons Rotary 10K11/5/1998143145
Hawg Run 5K10/24/199879213292
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/26/1998134274408
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/26/1998109159268
SECCA/ACCES Art & Sole 5K9/12/1998316798
Brenners Children's Fun Run8/15/1998243148391
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/15/1998239457696
Red Ribbon Run 5K8/8/1998102155257
Hanes Beefy-T Family 5K7/18/1998105250355
Fun Fourth 10K7/4/1998209272481
Ultimate Runner6/27/1998157792
Carolina For A Cure 5K6/6/1998116155271
Hospice Hope 10K5/16/199894157251
St Leos 5K3/21/199891173264

1997 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Reindeer Romp 5K12/13/19973991130
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/6/1997165312477
Mistletoe 5K12/6/1997110156266
Wachovia 8K11/22/1997170211381
Hawg Run 5K10/25/199798232330
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race9/27/199771100171
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race9/27/1997133272405
Memory Run 3 Miler 19979/20/19974264106
SECCA/ACCES Art & Sole 5K9/6/199747107154
Brenners Children's Classic 5K8/16/1997201374575
Red Ribbon Run 5K8/9/199793143236
SORSI Research Classic 5K7/26/19973275107
Hanes Beefy-T Family 5K7/19/1997134280414
Kernersville Classic 5K7/4/199739137176
Bob Neill Family Fourth 5K7/4/1997385997
Fun Fourth 10K7/4/1997103247350
Ultimate Runner6/28/19971394107
Carolina For A Cure 5K6/7/1997102191293
Hospice Hope 10K5/17/199764106170
WILCO/YMCA 10K5/3/19975385138
Kernersville Spring Folly5/3/1997135164
St Leos 5K3/22/199774158232

1996 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Reindeer Romp 5K12/21/199686111197
Mistletoe 5K12/7/1996127192319
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/7/1996127281408
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race10/1/199678176254
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race10/1/199663114177
Memory Run 5K9/21/199655105160
SECCA/ACCES Art & Sole 5K9/7/199650116166
AT & T 5K8/24/1996288486774
Red Ribbon Run 5K8/17/199659111170
Planter's Run for FitNUTS7/10/1996185376561
Kernersville Classic 5K7/4/199657153210
Ultimate Runner6/29/199608787
Kernersville Spring Folly5/4/19962378101
Piedmont Federal 8K4/28/199670202272

1995 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Mistletoe 5K12/2/1995134222356
Mistletoe Half Marathon12/2/1995105338443
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race10/1/199553169222
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race10/1/19956076136
AT & T 5K8/26/1995290522812
Planter's Run for FitNUTS7/15/1995222483705
Ultimate Runner6/24/1995127284
Piedmont Federal 8K4/29/199592257349

1994 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Salem Lake 10K Trail Race10/1/19942874102
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race10/1/199459175234
Planter's Run for FitNUTS7/16/1994223541764
Planter's Fun Run for FitNUTS7/16/19945549104
Ultimate Runner6/25/1994157893

1993 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Piedmont Federal 8K9/27/199372313385
Planter's Run for FitNUTS7/14/1993189560749

1992 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race10/3/199260251311
Piedmont Federal 8K9/28/199293271364
Planter's Run for FitNUTS7/15/1992215522737

1991 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Salem Lake 30K Trail Race10/5/199167209276

1988 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Ultimate Runner6/25/198801717

1987 Events
Event Date  Female  Male  Total 
Ultimate Runner6/24/198792332
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