Friday, April 19, 2024

Hobby Park Trail Runs


Hobby Trails To You!!

What: Single track trail 5K and 10K race, accurately measured (don’t go by your GPS watch. It’s steel tape measured). There’s still time to sign up, ample parking, food, drink and music. So if the trail doesn’t beat you up, you can show some of your trail dance moves.

Who: Well, you and your running friends of course, and the fine folks from TCTC who know how to put on a race.

When: August 26 at 8:00AM sharp; it will start on time!

Where: Hobby Park-2301 West Clemmonsville Road, W-S, NC (36.0304° N, 80.3029° W-to be really precise)

Why: There’s lots of shade. You can set the course record (you really can, ‘cause it’s the first one!) and show how bad-a** you are racing through undulating, technical (as in root-filled, rock-filled, creature-filled and occasional bikes) single track course a few miles outside the city of Winston-Salem.

How: Sign up Then show up ready for a romp through the woods.

Packet Pickup/Late Registration: Packet pick up/registration/beer token pickup will be at JDL Indoor Track, 2505 Kimwell Drive from 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Friday before the race.  JDL is about 100 meters from Foothills Tasting Room, where you can stop by and have a beer on us after you pick up your packet or register. 

What if Q &A’s:

  • I’m not an experienced trail runner, what should I expect? You’ll probably trip. Get up, so no one steps on you. But seriously, no need for experience, just a sense of adventure.
  • Should I carry a water bottle? If one 5K and two 10K water stops aren’t enough to satiate your thirst, yes.
  • What if it rains? You will get wet. Thunder? Lightning? OK, the races might start late in that case.
  • Will there be awards (beyond satisfaction of completion)? Yes! Plus, food and drinks, in the SHADE!
  • It’s easy to get lost on those trails, will they be marked? You bet they will. No orienteering required (but you may need to do some log-jumping).
  • Can I run with my dog? Not a great idea. Required leash + maneuvering a technical trail = problems for all.
  • Can I run with a jogging stroller? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
  • What if I have a question not addressed here? Contact race director Bill Gibbs:


Overall Winner Male and Female

1st Masters 40 and up male and female

Awards 1 deep in age groups male and female

14 and under







70 and over

Registration: WinstonSalem/HobbyTrailsToYou




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