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Salem Lake Trail Runs


Salem Lake 30K, 7 Mile, and 5K Trail Runs

SATURDAY, September 30, 2017


Beginning and ending at Salem Lake, 1001 Salem Lake Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27107.


30K - 8:00 am, 7 mile - 8:30 am, 5K - 8:40 am.  Rain or shine. Finish closes at 12:00 pm.


5K - $20 through September 6th, $25 through 9/29.

7MI - $25 through September 6th, $30 through 9/29.

30K - $30 through September 6th, $35 through 9/29.


A portion of the proceeds will go to support the trails and facilities at Salem Lake. Registration limited to 1000 entrants, so race day may be restricted or not available.

Make checks payable to Twin City Track Club. Mail to: Twin City Track Club, P.O. Box 692, Winston-Salem, NC 27102. Mail in entries must be received by the Wednesday before the race. Please be sure to specify 7 mile or 30K on your application. No refunds. A printable application is available, or you can . Online registration closes the Wednesday afternoon before the race.  No service fee when you register at  - your race fee is the same by mail-in or  .

Races are limited to 1000 combined registrants for the 5K, 7 mile and 30K. We will close registration when that limit is reached, so race day registration may not be available. Click here to see if your registration has been processed.


30K and 7 mile runners, guaranteed to those who register by September 1. This will be a technical/wicking shirt in unisex sizes, so it may tend to run large.


Friday - Location: Omega Sports, 414 S Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, 4 - 7 PM. If you change events, you must notify the race staff before registration closes (7:45 am) or you will not be listed in the results. NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION!!


5k - Out and back on the Salem Lake trail, starting and finishing at the trail head in the lower gravel parking lot. 

7 Mile – One complete counterclockwise loop around the lake, starting and finishing at the trail head in the lower gravel parking lot. (NOTE: The 7 mile runners DO NOT take off-shoot trail described below on the 30K course.)

30K – Starting at the trail head in the lower gravel parking lot (just like the 7 milers), the 30K runners go around the lake counterclockwise for about 6.5 miles, then continue down the greenway next to Salem Creek to the turnaround point at 9.3 miles, and return to the finish by the same route.  (Note:  This is a return to the older course, and not the modified course that was used last year due to the highway construction that impacted greenway distance.)


5K award ceremony at 9:40, with no early awards given out.  7 mile award ceremony at 10:15 a.m., with no early awards given out.  30K awards will be announced and distributed on a rolling basis as award winners finish.  Awards not picked up on race day can be picked up the following week at Omega Sports. Awards and results posted race day and on-line.


Awards ceremonies will be held following each race. No duplicate awards. Specially designed awards will be given to the top three Male and Female overall finishers overall, the first Male and Female masters (40 and over) finishers, and top three in the following age categories: 19 & under, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70 & over.

All 30K finishers will receive a pottery award.


Address for GPS: 1001 Salem Lake Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27107

Construction on Highway 52 and on Reynolds Park Blvd. has altered the route to Salem Lake.  If you are coming from Winston-Salem on Business I-40 or on Highway 52, please note the following.

  1. The exit from Highway 52  to Rams Drive/Stadium Drive has been closed permanently.  The new exit is onto Research Parkway to reach Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.
  2. Reynolds Park Road is temporarily closed just east of MLK, Jr. Drive.  There is a detour from MLK, Jr. Drive on Argonne Blvd. to Peachtree Street to Reynolds Park Road.  See directions below.

Directions to Salem Lake:

From Hwy 52, take the Research Parkway exit towards MLK Drive. Turn right on MLK drive, then left on Argonne Blvd. Take left at stop sign on Peachtree Street. Take right at stop sign on Reynolds Park Road. Turn left onto Salem Lake Road.

From Business I-40, take the Hwy 52 South exit and follow the directions above. Business I-40 splits off I-40 just west of Winston-Salem at the west and just west of the Piedmont Triad Airport to the east.

Click Here to download the map shown above as a pdf file.


Parking will be in the lower lot across from the picnic shelter with overflow parking in the upper gravel lot and the church parking lot off Salem Lake Road.  Help us be a good neighbor and do not park on Salem Lake Road outside of the gate.  We have a parking staff, please follow their instructions on race day.  Car pooling is encouraged.


Race is directed by the Twin City Track Club, Inc. TCTC's more than 600 members range from casual joggers and fitness and race walkers to competitive racers.


No wheelchairs, headphones, baby joggers or strollers, roller blades/skates, or dogs are allowed in either event.


Bill Gibbs
336-403-7557 cell


Most of following hotels are in downtown Winston-Salem, and are reasonably convenient to the race site. Currently, there is not shuttle service from the hotels to the race, but sharing rides is encouraged, since parking at the race site is limited. There is no camping at Salem Lake and no campgrounds are nearby, there is a list of campgrounds available at There are no shower facilities at Salem Lake. We recommend contacting the YMCA of Northwest NC for a day pass.

Name Address Phone
Marriott Courtyard 1600 Westbrook Plaza Drive


Marriott 425 N Cherry St


Embassy Suites 460 N Cherry St


Brookstown Inn 200 Brookstown Ave 336-725-1120
Hawthorne Inn 420 High St 336-777-3000
Fairfield Inn 125 South Main St 336-714-2800


7 Mile Top Female

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
0:41:52 Scott, Shannon 36 F West Jefferson NC 2012
0:42:10 Weisse, Kristin 23 F Winston Salem NC 2014
0:42:28 Richardson, Tara 23 F Wiggins CO 2014
0:46:06 Fowler, Bobbie Jo 32 F Winston Salem NC 2013
0:46:26 Logemann, Katherine C 30 F Mt Pleasant SC 2012

7 Mile Top Female Masters

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
0:50:01 Mercer, Amy Jane 45 F Lexington NC 2011
0:51:40 Hugosson, Heather Hagman 50 F Winston Salem NC 2014
0:51:41 O'Beirne, Liz 41 F Greensboro NC 2011
0:51:50 Hugosson, Heather Hagman 49 F Winston Salem NC 2013
0:51:52 Smith, Cessy Hudson 42 F Mooresville NC 2013

7 Mile Top Male

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
0:38:09 Marois, Anthony J 22 M Winston Salem NC 2013
0:38:43 Pfruender, Justin C 31 M Winston Salem NC 2011
0:38:54 Batten, Irv 49 M Mount Pleasant SC 2012
0:39:13 Flanagan, Francis Xavier 28 M Winston Salem NC 2014
0:40:29 Guthmann, Joseph H 21 M Waxhaw NC 2012

7 Mile Top Male Masters

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
0:38:54 Batten, Irv 49 M Mount Pleasant SC 2012
0:43:51 Clabuesch, Jim W 47 M Chapel Hill NC 2012
0:44:15 Blackmon, Donald G 54 M Winston Salem NC 2011
0:44:17 Clabuesch, Jim W 49 M Chapel Hill NC 2014
0:44:55 Willis, Joseph 46 M Winston Salem NC 2011

30K Top Female

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
1:55:00 Campbell, Chris 27 F Winston Salem NC 1991
1:56:45 Anderson, Donna R 34 F Pawleys Island SC 2001
1:58:35 Russell, Blake 22 F Marina CA 1997
1:59:13 Hadley, Alana Jennifer 16 F Charlotte NC 2013
1:59:32 Scott, Shannon 35 F West Jefferson NC 2011

30K Top Masters Female

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
2:04:23 Coulter, Luanne Goodall 45 F Charlotte NC 2006
2:07:11 Windsand-Dausm, Doris J 40 F Kingsport TN 1997
2:10:40 Donaldson, Kim 46 F Chapel Hill NC 2007
2:11:10 Baity, Kelly Deanne 40 F Winston Salem NC 2008
2:11:52 Shaffer, Aprille 44 F Charlotte NC 2003

30K Top Female Seniors

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
2:35:34 Hoxie, Diana Byrd 60 F Salisbury NC 2014
2:57:38 Tedesco, Marie C 61 F Jonesborough TN 2009
2:59:30 McCaslin, Gail P 60 F Hendersonville NC 2008
2:59:37 Gray, Molly F 61 F Franklin NC 2009
3:06:17 Patella, Gail 83 F Winston Salem NC 1991

30K Top Male

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
1:37:42 Fuller, Rick A 34 M Winston Salem NC 1999
1:39:12 Rono, Elly K 33 M Chapel Hill NC 2003
1:39:15 Mays, Glen 25 M Lttle Rock AR 1995
1:40:42 Taylor, Kevin Don 29 M Raleigh NC 2004
1:41:25 Taylor, Kevin Don 28 M Raleigh NC 2003

30K Top Male Masters

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
1:50:54 Nieman, David 41 M Boone NC 1991
1:51:13 Mainwaring, Paul 40 M Charlotte NC 2014
1:52:59 Crews, Wayne Michael 40 M Cary NC 2008
1:53:13 Pierce, Tim C 41 M Raleigh NC 2011
1:54:46 Couper, David J 44 M Chapel Hill NC 1998

30K Top Male Seniors

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
2:10:49 forrest, Dave 60 M Charlotte NC 2013
2:13:38 Acevedo, Jair Emerita 61 M Winston Salem NC 2008
2:14:13 Acevedo, Jair Emerita 62 M Winston Salem NC 2009
2:17:59 Acevedo, Jair Emerita 60 M Winston Salem NC 2007
2:18:21 Harris, Jerry L 61 M Durham NC 2001

10K Top Female (no longer contested)

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
0:34:25 Russell, Blake 24 F Marina CA 1999
0:36:09 Carpenter, Tammie 23 F Carrboro NC 1998
0:36:24 Giusti, Anita 30 F Winston Salem NC 2006
0:37:25 Sikes, Michelle 23 F Winston Salem NC 2008
0:37:42 Mabe, Joan Nesbit 41 F Carrboro NC 2003

10K Top Masters Female (no longer contested)

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
0:37:42 Mabe, Joan Nesbit 41 F Carrboro NC 2003
0:40:06 Mabe, Joan Nesbit 44 F Carrboro NC 2006
0:40:29 Barbour, Cindy A 40 F Greensboro NC 2006
0:41:06 Mercer, Amy Jane 40 F Lexington NC 2006
0:41:27 Mabe, Joan Nesbit 46 F Carrboro NC 2008

10K Top Male (no longer contested)

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
0:31:31 Russell, Jonathan D 24 M Marina CA 1999
0:31:44 Hill, Kevin Dennis 22 M Cary NC 1999
0:31:45 Phillips, Patrick E 29 M Clemmons NC 2001
0:32:06 Hill, Kevin Dennis 24 M Cary NC 2001
0:32:08 Hill, Garick D 23 M Wauwatosa WI 2004

10K Top Masters Male (no longer contested)

Time Name Age Sex City State Year
0:34:12 Hinton, John G 44 M Chapel Hill NC 2006
0:35:06 Blackmon, Donald G 42 M Winston Salem NC 1999
0:35:11 Gibbs, Bill F 40 M Winston Salem NC 1999
0:35:12 Blackmon, Donald G 41 M Winston Salem NC 1998
0:35:20 Moerk, Per Kristian 40 M Kernersville NC 2005


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