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Shore, Mary Louise Louise
Winston Salem, NC USA
Created Date4/28/2000Date Modified11/14/2013

DateRaceAgeBibPlaceDivDiv PlaceDiv TotalTimePace
 11/16/2013   Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K No Dough  21928335F2029274546:18.0  14:55.0
 10/13/2012   Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K No Dough  2086997F2029176230:59.0  09:59.0
 11/12/2011   Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Casual  19917309F1519488548:35.0  15:39.0
 11/13/2010   Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Casual  18786370F01194713850:06.0  16:08.0
 11/14/2009   Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Casual  17822112FL0106426932:24.0  10:26.0
 11/13/2004   Ardmore 5K  12147107F011981927:50.0  08:58.0
 5/5/2001   NC Triad Walk For The Cure  94428-1F0114-1-1  
 3/17/2001   St Leos 5K  9126261F01142336:30.0  11:45.0
 4/15/2000   NC Triad Race For The Cure  82430882F0114237539:36.0  12:44.8
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