Monday, February 24, 2020

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Redden, Greg
High Point, NC USA
Created Date10/17/2009Date Modified1/1/2015

DateRaceAgeBibPlaceDivDiv PlaceDiv TotalTimePace
 1/3/2015   Salem Lakeshore Frosty Relay  205438-1M0100-1-1  
 7/20/2013   Beat The Heat Family 5K  1855053M1519142519:09.0  06:10.0
 8/13/2011   Twin City Field and River Run 5K  1659411M1519161819:13.0  06:12.0
 7/16/2011   Beat The Heat Family 5K  1655846M010018821918:44.0  06:02.0
 8/14/2010   Twin City Field and River Run 5K  1535210M151961919:13.0  06:11.0
 7/17/2010   Beat The Heat Family 5K  15527103M010014319820:47.0  06:42.0
 10/17/2009   Ardmore 5K  1455914M131921019:13.0  06:11.0
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