Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Services - Equipment Rentals


For groups with experience in managing a road race and performing finish line duties, TCTC offers rental of specialized race equipment. We have a two digital finish line clocks, Chronomix and TimeMachine timers, stop watches, chutes, and tents available for rent.

Contact Bill Walker- (336) 725-0583

Bring a completed rental agreement when picking up equipment.

Key Benefits

  • Reasonable rates
  • Quality equipment


Digital Clocks
Chronomix, KenTech, or RaceClock digital display clocks, $100
Timing Equipment
TimeMachine or Chronomix 737, $100
(rental includes one backup timer, a primary and backup is recommended for each timed event)
Finish Line Chutes
One set of finish line chutes (suitable for up to 400 runners), $50
Stop Watches
One set of 6 stop watches, $10
Public Address System
Amplifier, cables, speakers and microphones, $150
10x10 Tents, $50; 10x20 Tents $75

Equipment rental does not include pickup and delivery, or use of any TCTC personnel to operate the equipment. The renter is responsible for the replacement of equipment if it is damaged.

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