Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Services - Mailing List


Our consolidated database allows targeted mailing to over 50,000 runners that have participated in area events. We can provide either labels or single use electronic lists.

Note: These are mailing addresses only, we do not distribute member or event participant email addresses.

Contact Keith Stone - 336-575-6667

Key Benefits

  • No overlap with TCTC Flyer mailing
  • Continually cleaned database 
  • Specific targeting
  • Electronic lists can be sent directly to mailing firms such as Excalibur or Postmark.
  • Low fees, $7.50 per 100 printed, $5.00 per 100 electronic.


Overlap Removal
Race participants matched with club members, enhancing demographic information and eliminate duplicate mailings.
Participants can be targeted by number of races, recency of participation, age, location, or gender.
Single Source of Clean Data
Race participants are merged into a common database, removing duplicates and cleaning addresses.

Reference Accounts

Central YMCA
Mistletoe Run for Youth Half Marathon & 5K.
Lucent Pioneers
Brenner's Childrens Classic.
St Leo's School
St Leo's School 5K.
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