Monday, September 28, 2020

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Moxley, Lucy Cole
Winston Salem, NC USA
Created Date11/11/2010Date Modified7/15/2013

DateRaceAgeBibPlaceDivDiv PlaceDiv TotalTimePace
 7/20/2013   Beat The Heat Family 5K  20493194F2024202724:24.0  07:52.0
 12/3/2011   Mistletoe Half Marathon  18630293F1519-1-101:48:09.0  08:15.0
 11/13/2010   Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Casual  1770032F011913513825:29.0  08:13.0
 7/17/2010   Beat The Heat Family 5K  1969639F010017519817:56.0  05:47.0
 6/12/2010   USMC Mud Run Teams  16-1-1Roster-1-1  
 11/14/2009   Matt Gfeller Memorial 5K Casual  1663113FL010826925:08.0  08:06.0
 7/19/2008   Beat The Heat Family 5K  15235170F01002714124:52.0  08:00.0
 7/21/2007   Beat The Heat Family 5K  14294194F010041126:09.0  08:25.0
 5/5/2001   NC Triad Walk For The Cure  73275-1F0114-1-1  
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